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Learn how to properly target your audience on Facebook

With over two billion active users worldwide, Facebook is one of the most powerful social networks around. Thanks to the many targeting options it offers, it is possible to adapt its content and Facebook ads according to specific criteria, such as the age, gender and geographical origin of its prospects.

Targeting allows, among other things, to increase the visibility of your company on the Web as well as your conversion rate. Here’s how to properly target your audience on Facebook.

Target beyond basic parameters

To be successful with your Facebook ads, you’ll need to learn how to target beyond the basic traditional parameters, such as your prospects’ age, city, gender, and language. These criteria are certainly interesting, but they are often too broad to allow you to accurately target the right audience and thus optimize your Facebook advertising costs. Other much more specific criteria can allow you to considerably increase your conversion rate.

Targeting based on areas of interest

This is the case with interests, which are a great way to target an audience, since this is often what drives a person to buy a product or service. For example, if you’re selling books, it’s in your best interest to show your ads to people who love to read in the first place. Facebook allows you to reach this type of clientele through keywords that you can enter in the fields provided for this purpose, when creating your ad.

Based on the profile and behavior of users as well as the pages they like, the social network is able to make links and distribute your advertising to the right audience, according to the targeting criteria you will have selected beforehand.

Target by education level

Another way to reach the right people is to target prospects based on their education level. This functionality can be useful for certain brands, for example for companies that offer specific courses or for recruiters who are looking for interesting candidates for vacant positions.

Target based on a significant event

The social network also makes it possible to broadcast an advertisement to people who are about to celebrate their birthday or who have just celebrated a milestone event, such as an engagement, a wedding, a new relationship or even obtaining a a new position. Of course, your advertisement will be shown to users who have chosen to share this information on the social network.Clearly define who your product or service is aimed at

The key to choosing the right targeting criteria is to carefully analyze who your product is aimed at, for example married or divorced people, or even humanities graduates, and then to personalize your advertisements according to these criteria. The more you know the profile of your target audience, the more likely you are to choose the targeting criteria and thus increase your chances of conversion.

Use the Facebook pixel to create an audience

An interesting tool to better target its audience with its Facebook ads is the Facebook pixel. By installing it on your website, you will be able to analyze user behavior once on your site and then create personalized Facebook ads to encourage them to perform the desired action on your website.

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