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How to respond to negative comments on Facebook?

If you’re a business, you probably already have a Facebook page and have received negative feedback from people about one of your products or services. Without however being able to avoid them, it is possible to use these bad testimonials wisely and take advantage of them to get new customers.

There are several types of negative comments that can be left on any of your business social media pages. There are well-founded comments, i.e. those expressing real dissatisfaction, and unfounded ones, i.e. comments from malicious people or trolls.

Respond quickly

In the case of well-founded negative comments, you should perceive them as constructive comments giving you the opportunity to improve. It’s a bit like free feedback that one of your customers gives you. One of the first rules to follow in such cases is to respond to comments as quickly as possible. Don’t erase or ignore them; it could give the impression that you are not listening to your customers and that you do not care about your professional image, which is not the case.

Remain polite and professional

In your answers, it is important to remain polite and professional, even if your interlocutors are not. A simple exchange of comments can quickly turn into a verbal escalation and degenerate into a crisis, which is to be avoided. If a user is too insistent and keeps telling you their displeasure in the comment thread, invite them to continue the discussion in private so that your other potential customers do not witness the scene.

Remember that the more a post is commented on, the more likely it is to be visible in the newsfeed of subscribers to your business social media pages. The ideal is therefore to minimize the number of comments associated with a publication, unless, of course, most of the comments are positive!Show the Internet user that his problem is taken care of

In general, the key, when an Internet user makes a negative comment on one of the pages of your corporate social networks, is to let him know that his comment has been taken into consideration and that concrete actions will be taken. companies to solve his problem.

The more compassionate and proactive you are, the more people will like you and you will gain credibility. You can write, for example: “The problem is already known, we are in the process of correcting the situation. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. »

It is important to personalize your response based on each comment received to show Internet users that you are attentive to their needs. Apologize, if necessary, but do not offer public compensation; this might open the door to other unwanted user requests.

How to react to trolls and malicious comments?

Ignore all impertinent but harmless comments, that is, those that will not really change the perception of Internet users towards you. As for trolls and malicious people, it is advisable to delete or moderate their comments or add them to your list of banned users. Above all, do not feed them or confront them, it will only make the situation worse.

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