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How to boost your Facebook page

Increasing the visibility and the number of likes on your Facebook page is not an easy task. Here are some tips to allow you to propel your brand on the popular social network and gain notoriety among Internet users.

Post content regularly and drive engagement
One way to stay visible and stay in touch with your followers is to regularly post content to your page to generate interest and engagement with your followers. Indeed, it has been shown that the engagement rate on social networks is a great way to increase its reach (number of people who have seen your publications) on the social network and on the Web in general.

Search engines value the engagement rate of posts when ranking their results. Facebook also calculates it in its algorithm to display posts in the user’s news feed. The higher your post’s engagement rate, the more likely it is to be seen on Facebook and across the web. The bigger your reach, the more likely you are to increase your number of likes and followers to your Facebook pages.

One tip to increase your engagement rate on social networks is to solicit specific actions from users. For example, “comment on the post if you agree with us”, “tag someone who would be interested in winning this prize”, etc.

Being active in the comments also increases your engagement rate. Indeed, by responding to comments and questions asked, you relaunch the discussion and thus increase your visibility. Inviting people who comment and interact with your content to join your community also helps propel your page to the right people.

Share impactful and original content

To increase your reach, you need to post interesting and impactful content that will pique the curiosity of your fans. The more original and unique the content, the more likely you will be to comment on it, like it and share it. It is also advisable to vary the form of the content you publish. In general, posts with images get more views and interactions than posts without photos. Infographics and videos are also popular. Do not hesitate to use it to promote your content.

Create content exclusive to Facebook
To increase your number of subscribers and your visibility, nothing better than creating content that will be published exclusively on Facebook. Whether it’s contests, promotions or even exclusive information about your products and services, the idea is to give Internet users a good reason to subscribe to your page. If they feel like they’ll get the latest news before anyone else and get access to exclusive, original content, by following your Facebook page, they’ll be more likely to do so.

Build your audience with Facebook Ads
Another way to increase your social media reach and engagement rate is to buy Facebook ads. The advantage of this form of web marketing is that it allows you to choose who your advertisements are aimed at and therefore increase your conversion rate. By building your audience, that is, by addressing the right people at the base, you are more likely to have people comment and interact with your publications and therefore increase your reach on the popular social network.

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