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The Four-Step Advertising Transformation Method

Benoit Arsenault

About Me

Drawing from more than 15 years in the digital marketing arena, I’ve developed a unique Four-Step Transformation Method dedicated to elevating businesses’ online advertising effectiveness.

My approach goes beyond traditional tactics, integrating cutting-edge strategies to ensure businesses not only succeed but thrive in today’s digital landscape. It’s more than just about technology; it’s about a transformative way of thinking and executing your business’s online advertising to maximize ROI

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At A Glance

Headaches solved & higher ROAS in just a few weeks!

You need to grow your business online. You don’t know where to start. Your head might be spinning. You’ve tried PPC before with no luck.

Your person is leaving. You’re overwhelmed. I get it. Take a DEEP breath.

These are only problems and they’re easily solved, even though they seem really heavy and hard. You just need the right help.


• Repair your relationship with marketing and advertising
• Increase your (and your team’s) knowledge.
• Learn from and understand the errors of the past.
• Research and plan the future.
• Get you the business growth and positive ROAS you deserve.
• Transform advertising for you. I’ll be with you every step.


• A growth advertising warhorse is suddenly in your corner
• Your mission becomes mine
• Access to my vast Rolodex for providers, solutions, investment
• A new-found ability to solve any problem


• Weekly meetings, with heavier lifts in the first couple of months
• Analysis, planning, education, problem-solving, advice, resource management
• Unlimited email/text support
• 12-month agreements with fair pricing


• I'll take the lead, creating a new environment for you to make the right decisions for your business
• We'll keep everything organized in the correct documentation and format (e.g. advertising strategy)
• Data-driven approach backed by vast experience to contextualize decisions

The Four-Step Advertising Transformation Method

To ensure mistakes are not repeated and to quiet the questions that have been eating away at you, we need to inspect the past.

Eventually, I need to reach the point where I can take you for a walk, like The Ghost of Christmas Past, and explain everything to you. What went wrong, how it happened, and why it happened.

To conduct this assessment, I will:​​

  • ​Listen to you:
    • Tell me your story, experience, and journey with online advertising. No detail is too much.
    • Tell me your business goals and KPIs.
  • Audit your data:
    • I’ll review all past and present online advertising campaigns, your Google Analytics data, your website, your CRM logs, and more.
  • Document the findings:
    • I’ll connect the data with your story and make sense of it all in a simple, easy-to-understand document.
  • Share:
    • I’ll meet with you to walk you through my findings and answer any questions.
    • We’ll ensure to be 100% aligned on the report’s outcomes before we move on to the next step.

Though I am not necessarily trying to train you to become the next Jedi master of online advertising, I am trying to equip you to protect yourself and make the best decisions in the future.

I’ll assess the knowledge and skills of you and your supporting team and develop a training plan for you to follow.

This will entail books to read, 1-1 training sessions with me, and online course suggestions.

​I can't help you if you don't help yourself, so I need you to show commitment to expanding your knowledge.

Now that we’ve learned from the past and filled our knowledge gaps, we’re ready to plan the future!

New beginnings await, and my job is to steer you on the right path to success. 

​I will prepare a masterplan for you, including: 

​Market research 

  • Marketing strategy 
  • Advertising strategy 
  • Business case forecast 
  • Tech-stack assembly 
  • Team member assembly

I will share this master plan with you, and we’ll iterate it until you’re 100% happy that it aligns with your business goals. 

Once the new plan is deployed, most of the heavy lifting is over for the course correction and you can move on to a course-maintenance plan, which is still crucial. 

We’ll meet weekly to review your data, hold your teams and suppliers accountable, and solve new challenges as they arise. 

I’ll be in your corner. I’ll be your human marketing & advertising bullshit detector. 

We’ll keep you and your team’s skills sharp with ongoing training, too.

​I'm here however and whenever you need me. Use me! 

Who Works With Me

Ownership or senior leadership of an organization in need of change typically appoints me.

I have decades of experience with many hundred clients, so there’s almost no type, shape, or size of company I can’t help.

Typical Situations I’ll Solve:

  • Significant failures in advertising attempts have occurred, with substantial cash and opportunity losses
  • Cash has been spent on failed marketing campaigns, expensive CRMs, staff, and agencies, all without good enough results
  • A previous CMO/Marketing director has left the company, leaving a void but also providing an opportunity for positive change
  • There’s a business owner and sales director, but neither possesses the requisite marketing and advertising expertise to break through a glass ceiling to growth
  • A growing company has just broken through the 10-20 employee mark and requires director-level expertise to navigate difficult phases of growth and fill gaps between middle management and ownership
  • There is a lack of clarity over the tangible impact of advertising, rendering leadership unable to identify how to scale
Does this sound like you?

Client Testimonials

“I had the chance to work with Benoit Arsenault of for 5 years for the management of our Google Ads campaigns. The professionalism, the flexibility and above all the results were always there. All this, with a personalized and friendly approach!”
Karine Cypihot
“Results that exceeded our expectations! Very good service from Benoît and very proactive.”
Maxime Lacroix
“With Benoît we carried out several PPC campaigns and implemented different SEO strategies for our websites. His innovative ideas have been an integral part of our strategy and have definitely generated results and improved our web performance. Thank you for your services, Benoit!”
Camille Binette

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