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Google Ads Introduces New Features: Broad Match Brand Constraints and AI Enhancements for Smart Bidding Strategies

Google Ads announced a host of new advancements, including top search classifications for RSAs, campaign autofills, innovative tools for Ads Creative Studio, and newly discovered insights. These features are accompanied by other AI-focused reveals during Google Marketing Live 2023. As AI becomes more entrenched in search campaigns, advertisers can also appreciate developments like improved brand management for broad match and better asset insights.

Broad match brand exclusions:

Google Ads has been gradually refining broad match over the past few years, and the addition of brand exclusion functionality should help advertisers better control this type of match. Mirroring last year’s announcement for Performance Max, this feature allows advertisers to leverage broad match, but with traffic restrictions for their specific brand. Applied at the campaign level, this feature should make testing effortless.

AI increase in Smart Bidding:

Smart Bidding has always lived up to its name, but with the inclusion of Large Language Models (LLMs) in bidding, it’s about to get smarter, according to Google. This development enables systems to use LLMs to better discern searcher intent and “more effectively optimize unknown search queries.”

Key research categories for RSA:

A new feature allows advertisers to examine top categories at the RSA level. Google says this will provide a more detailed understanding of performance drivers and inspire better ad optimization.

Campaign Autofills:

Not sure of your initial campaign budget? The new campaign autofill feature offers budget recommendations and even pulls resources from your website, past campaigns, and Google AI predictions. If you’re a fan of recommendations, you’ll be pleased to know that they’re built into the setup process as well.

Ads Creative Studio enhancements:

soon you will be able to preview and directly export Performance Max assets to Google Ads in the required campaign specs. An Upcoming Trends Explorer will be added to Ads Creative Studio, helping creative teams identify dominant search trends and spark creative ideas.

Revised asset overviews:

Advertisers who want effective asset data for their campaigns will appreciate the enhanced asset insights. This feature helps advertisers recognize creatives that don’t engage specific audiences. Additionally, recommendations will be offered to suggest which AI-generated assets or stock photographs might yield superior results.

Improved search terms on the Insights page:

In the near future, more search term categories will be visible on the Insights page. These can be sorted by custom date ranges and will include downloadable historical information. They will be accessible on the web interface and via the Google Ads API.

The impact:

The promise of more data, improved bidding and better targeting are significant advances for advertisers. These improvements, guided by AI, are expected to yield superior results. Adding brand constraints is especially beneficial for advertisers cautious with broad match, and if LLMs can further improve the intelligence of Smart Bidding, that’s a win for all advertisers.

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