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How to set conversion goals?

If you’re a business with a web presence, you’ve probably heard of conversion goals. You may even have already started establishing some for your SEM or SEO campaign. Otherwise, here are some tips to help you set conversion goals to increase your sales and help your business succeed.

What is a conversion goal and what is it used for?

A conversion goal is a specific action that you want a user to accomplish by visiting a website. It can be sending contact details via a form, downloading a white paper, making a purchase or even clicking on a particular button.

Measure the return on investment (ROI) of your campaign

A conversion objective allows you to set a goal and measure the return on investment of your web marketing campaign through statistics. It allows you to follow up on what is important to you, for example increasing your number of downloads or your number of clicks on a product. Conversion goals serve as indicators of what you are doing well or not doing well to achieve your goals.

In what framework are conversion goals defined?

We define conversion goals in the context of SEM, SEO and Google Ads campaigns. Indeed, it is by using the web analytics tools available, such as Google Analytics, that conversion goals can be established.

Google Analytics is a free web audience analysis service that allows you to better understand the behavior of Internet users when they visit a particular website. It provides basic measurements and statistics on the performance of a website, such as the number of page views, the geographical origin of visitors, the duration of visits and the sources of traffic acquisition.

In addition to these statistics, the conversion objectives of Google Analytics make it possible to push the analysis further in order to know the behavior of Internet users before they perform the desired action. Based on the results obtained, it then becomes possible to adjust certain parameters of your site to further increase your conversion rate.

How do conversion goals work?

To create a goal, all you have to do is follow this Google tutorial that explains how to do it. After choosing your objective from the five categories, for example recommending a video on a social media (event), Google Analytics will start analyzing the behavior of Internet users. Each time one of them completes the desired task, Google will count this action as a conversion. The higher your number of conversions, the more it will mean that your campaign is working.

Import conversion goals into Google Ads

If you have opted for a search engine advertising campaign, such as Google Ads, note that it is possible to link the two accounts and import the conversion goals from Google Analytics into Google Ads. Il est aussi possible de définir des suivis de conversion sur Google Ads indépendamment de Google Analytics.

Like conversion goals on Google Analytics, conversion tracking on Google Ads is used to measure the return on investment of a campaign and to check how well it is achieving the expected results. This article from Google explains how to do it.

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